Reschedule + Extensions

Outside of regular hours there are some additional charges.

Extended daycare outside of regular hours is available with extra payment.
You can makeuse of the system when emergency care is needed.

 7:30- 9:00…1,080yen/1.5hours
18:00-20:00…1,080yen/1hour (Consumption tax included)

*Please apply per the hour. Note, we can only give extended care from 9:00 to 18:00 on Saturdays.


9:00-18:00…10,152yen (Consumption tax included)


9:00-18:00…13,608yen (Consumption tax included and calculated at 1,512yen per hour)

Attendence and Rescheduling

If prior notificiation is given, an absence can be rescheduled and a make-up lesson on another day can be given.
Rescheduling from the student's side will be limited to twice per month.
As before, there will be no specified limit to holidays and school closures by the school.