Seasonal programs

We have 4 seasonal day programs during the year for afterschool and Saturday class students. During these periods students can join from the morning. Please refer to the approximate dates for each of the seasonal classes below. For any updates or applications, please contact the office. Seasonal school is available for both regular and new Star Brains members.

Spring school 3/23-4/7
The school year starts on the last week of March.
Students are always excited to start in a new environment.

Summer school 6/11-8/31
Summer school starts from mid June which is adapted to match the international schools in the area.
We usually accept many elementary school students for summer school.

Autumn school 10/19-10/31
During Autumn break at International schools, we accept students in the morning and celebrate Halloween.

Winter school 12/14-1/7
School is open until the last week of December.
During Winter School, we celebrate Christmas and a Traditional Japanese new year.