Academic Classes

Children begin playing with educational toys about numbers, cubical shapes and puzzles. After mastering these skills they will get into practicing addition and subtraction. Children in the kinder class study fractions, division and multiplication.
By the time they are 6 years old, they are encouraged to master sums and subtraction of four digit numbers, fractions, geometry, and are introduced to abacus and Indian math methods.

We arrange lessons on both Japanese and World history and geography designed for small children becoming interested humanity and understanding the cultures of of the world.

Students are always curious to know how things work and why things are. We try to teach students through experiments as much as possible. Students will go on field trips throughout the year to visit a botanical garden, zoo and an aquarium for hands on experience.

"Sketching, modeling, and abstract" are the three basic themes of art class. It is for children being encouraged to naturally build creativity in a positive attitude. At the moment, our students are participating in art and picture contests.

Our school highly values reading. We start Storytelling with audio books in Nursery. In Kinder class, students choose books they want to read from the school's library where they can find a wide range of genres and suitable for individual reading levels.