Job types

Job types

* Full time(1) English teacher
( teaching school curriculum for each levels)

* Chinese teacher Full time/Part time
(teaching school curriculum for each levels)

* Full time(2)assistant teacher/licensed child minder (Assists teachers and take care of children.)

* Full time(3)office staff
(Reception, management, accounting)

* Temp worker/Part time worker
(office staff & assistant)

Conditions of employment

Conditions of employment

Experienced teachers who has
graduated University/Junior college - Must be fluent in English/ preferable Chinese (spoken and written).

-Post graduate, diploma holders

-Basic salary 240000yen-400000yen *depends on experiences.

-Working 9 hours per day include 1 hour break /5 days per week, -Working hours 9:00-18:00 / 8:30-18:00 / 11:00-20:00 -Transportation allowance up to 10000yen per month.

-Regular attendance allowance 20000yen

* Probationary period: First two months 1000yen per hour.

-Class teacher allowance 30000yen(once a year), added to April salary.

-Annual Bonus (once a year) added to April salary.

*occurs from the second working years

Covers National health insurance/ employment insurance

-Provide school uniform, T-shirts and polo shirt

Company dormitory for ladies are available Monthly room charge 32000yen (with tax) Monthly building charge 10000yen (with tax) Monthly utility bills around 6500yen -12000yen *depends on the amount of your own usage.

Accommodation support from the company 10000yen per month

Facility of the dormitory

Shared Bath & shower room, toilet, kitchen and dining. Fitted washing machine, fridge, microwave, electric kettle and rice cooker. One single bed and closet in individual rooms. No shoes are allowed in the dormitory.

【Full time (2) assistant teacher/ (3) office staff】

University graduates who has 700 above in TOEIC Test. Requires interview in English and checking PC skills
・covers Health Insurance/Employment insurance
Monthly salary from 170,000yen.
Working 5days/week (9hrs early/late shift. 1hr lunch break. Sundays & National holidays are off)

Transportation expenses up to 10,000yen/month.

Extra bonus: Regular attendance 10,000yen
In charge of the door key 5,000yen
Accounting certificate 5,000~35,000
Annual bonus (April)
Available from second year according to the performances

* Probationary period :240 hours (Salary will be calculated at 850yen per hour.)

【 Temp worker/Part time worker 】

Need to have an ability to communicate only in English. Requires interview in English.
900yen -1,450yen per hour.

Working hours: Mon-Sat, 7:30am-8:00pm (3~4days per week. And more than 5hours/day including break)
End of year/New year, Sunday, National holiday and GW are off.

Extra bonus: In charge of the door key 5,000yen
Qualified Child minder and a  Qualified Kindergarten teacher 5,000~25,000