Athletic Classes

Physical Education lessons take place at the PE and Dance studio in our school.
Professional athletics instructors from the Kawai Athletics School conduct the lessons. Lessons using a horizontal bar, jump ropes, vaulting box, mattress and balls are held twice, three times a week to develop a child's basic physical strength, appropriate to his/her age.

Kawai Athletics School:

Students visit indoor climbing park to try climbing seasonally.

Younger students try in lower cliff but the older students can wear harness to go higher cliff.

Students practice yoga where they can stretch and relax in our school studio after eating lunch.

For children aged 2-4 we have rhythmic exercises & yoga. Dance lessons are taught by English speakers twice a week in the school studio by a professional dancer.(Available from ages 5+). The lessons start with stretching and basic rhythm practice to choreographed dances with music. Hip hop and Urban dance styles are mostly practiced and students perform in front of their parents on Sports day and the end of the year Winter Party.

Students play in the nearby public pool during Summer.
The pool is indoor and within walking distance.
Students who are confident go in the deeper areas of the pool to practice their swimming skills.