Student support & Consultation

The school offers various support and consultation services for students and families who need extra studies or have specific requirements.
Please have a look at some of our available services below.

Bridging (Private classes)

Bridging is an one on one assist class that will enable your child to meet specific study requirements.
It will cover areas students are weak in or it can be to achieve a higher academic level.
Bridging classes are available for English, Mathematics, Japanese, French, Arabic and violin class.

Overseas schools

We have families arriving from other countries and families who leave Japan and move overseas.
We provide consultation for enrolment to our school as well as preparing letters for schools abroad when your child must go overseas.

Short term exchange program

If you need some information or documents about schools overseas, we can provide support to you.

Elementary school

We have students who enroll in private schools locally.
If you need any information or documents for these school, please speak to the office so we can assist you.

International school

Many of our graduates enroll in international schools within the Kansai region.
We organize school exchange programs with them.
If you wish to enroll your child in international schools, please speak to the office.