We are starting a new study for Kanji test from January 2013.

Students will be divided by the level of their understanding in Kanji.
There are lessons in weekdays for regular, after, academic and also Saturday class.

Test will be held in school three times in the year.
Here are the schedules of the tests for this year.
2013- June 1st(Sat), August 23rd(Fri) 2014- February 8th(Sat)

In Star Brains, students are already studying kanji. These are the rough guide for each class’s targets.

K2Grade10 level (which is about 7 years old in general)
ADKGrade 9 level (8 years old in general)
ADJGrade 8 level (9 years old in general)
ACDGrade 4 to 8 level (9 to 13 years old in general)

With elementary students who attends after and Saturday class, we also check their levels and start a study.
Please look at the lesson schedule and attend to the Japanese Kanken lessons.
* There are no extra charges to take these lessons.