Music Together® program

親子ミュージッククラス'Music Together'


入会金(1名):4,500円+tax 費用(45分×10回):25,000円+tax ※ご兄弟割引有り

レッスン:2015年1月6日から 火・金・土 10:00/11:00

お問い合わせは、オフィスTEL 078-231-3819まで。

We are proud to offer the Music Together® program for children aged 0-3.

Music Together is an internationally recognized early-childhood music and movement program that provides children and their parents an opportunity to bond through music.
The Music Together program is appropriate for children from birth to ages five, and Music Together classes take place in over 2,500 communities and over 40 countries throughout the world.

Lessons are held in the school Gym once a week for 45min sessions、for 4 seasons.
There are 10 lessons in one season.
If you would like to enroll in a trial lesson, please contact our office.

0歳児から参加できる、親子ミュージッククラス'Music Together'

Music Togetherは、0歳からの家族と一緒に楽しむ音楽づくりのプログラムです。

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